Guardian Still Don’t Get It

It’s bizarre. Conservatives are feeling sorry for Gordon Brown. Dan Hannan is trying to find a way to assist him by localising government. EU Serf has formed a netroots campaign to back his promotion to PM.

Even more bizarre. Labour are lost in limbo. The fantasy of Gordon Brown’s leadership has been written and rewritten so many times in the last 12 years, that the Labour Party and the media are totally unable to connect to the reality – that Brown is bereft of leadership qualities.

This cruel trick of pretending that he does have some, has been practised on him by Blair and the whole panoply of the British media for so long, that the awful reality that he would be even worse as a leader than he was as a jealous follower, is not yet accessible to Labour minds.

Today’s Press is in denial. The first glimpse of the total impossibility of Gordon Brown as a Prime Minister was presented to us by Charles Clarke last week, but the adjustment to facing this reality is simply too painful for these people to cope with. It would involve them in admitting that they’ve been writing bollocks for 12 years.

Labour prefer to stay in denial about Gordon Brown, it seems. Blair is trying to give them a chance by giving them them time to realise that the Brown game was just that. Charles Clarke has tried too. But it could be that Britain will be asked to live out the nightmare of being governed by the most deluded, psychologically flawed and insecure Prime Minister in our history.

Should Conservatives really be advocating this? Surely we too should be helping Labour to see the light, assist them through their current trauma and put our country before our Party.

Or it might be men in white coats not grey suits that are forced to retire Britain’s next PM.

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