Gordon Brown Will Destroy The Labour Party

I took The Guardian’s Gordon Brown knowledge test, linked into by iain dale. My score was poor.

5 out of 9. Slipping. Memory’s not what is was. That aside, I do know one thing – that Gordon Brown is exactly as described by Charles Clarke.

He’s a deluded kleptomaniac – with nil team-working skills, and no leadership capacity. He only knows how to gring everything down to a level that his tiny ego can cope with, while stealthily grasping the power and money he craves.

Blair suppressed opposition by using his boyish charm to create (false) hope.

Brown suppresses by instilling boredom and fear – creating a sick feeling in the bottom of your stomach. Brown makes even trying to think positively completely pointless. It’s easier just to turn your brain off, than face the depressing prospect of having to listen any more to that tedious, unimaginative psychological cripple any longer.

Even looking at his sulking brooding picture is enough to make me feel ill. If the Labour Party allow him to win the leadership, it will be the end of them. For a start he’s indicating that he will push through Proportional Represntation. The Labour Party will certainly fracture if he does.

He’s talking openly about the ‘obsolescence’ of political parties. It seems obvious that he wants to dismantle the Party system, and create a world where his little ego won’t have to deal the inconvenience of too many human beings.

If he goes for State Funding, he will dismantle the power of the unions to play a role in the Labour Party. Why Trades Unions and Labour MP’s think backing Gordon Brown will benefit them is hard to fathom. It’s the sheep effect. Once the media are all out there backing Brown, because he’s done a deal with Murdoch and the EU, MP’s seem unable to think beyond that. This lot really would be a bunch of turkeys voting for Christmas.

Couldn’t we have a quiz about a few other possible leadership candidates in The Guardian? John Reid, Alan Milburn or really anyone else would be helpful. Or are we really expected to live through the nightmare of a Gordon Brown Prime Ministership? We have been warned.

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