Gordon Brown Must Be Stopped

Fridays Mirror claimed Gordon Brown was going to abandon first past the post.(Cornstock on CH today 17th September 2006)

This (if true) could be the key as why the EU is backing Gordon Brown and Murdoch too. I’ve been writing that Gordon Brown must have offered something to the EU to be getting such solid support and backing. If we lose FPTP and have PR, a coalition government could ignore popular opinion and introduce the Euro and other eurocompliant measures. Gordon Brown must be stopped.

Alan Milburn is the only potential Labour leadership candidate making the right noises. Blair should hang on as long as he can despite the W stress lines on his furrowed brow.

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2 Responses to “Gordon Brown Must Be Stopped”

  1. GlassHouse says:

    Somehow I don’t think Murdoch is backing Brown because he want’s the Euro?

    Brown doesn’t want it and neither does Murdoch

  2. tapestry says:

    Brown promoted the Euro in 2003, but backed down later. He’s offered to bring in PR if given the leadership, which would consolidate the EU behind him. The EU controls who Murdoch backs, according to Lance Price.

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