Gordon Brown Is Danger To Britain

Murdoch picks winners? Cameron’s a winner if the polls are anything to be believed, but Murdoch doesn’t rate him.

If you look at all the people Murdoch has backed, they’ve all been willing to agree to signing EU Treaties – Thatcher, Major, Blair and no doubt Brown has. Anyone who stood up against the EU, IDS e.g., and Thatcher once the reality of the EU had dawned on her, was assassinated.

Cameron has not committed himself on the EU and so gets no Murdoch support. If Labour picked a leader who was unwilling to trade with the EU, then they too would receive no support.

The EU and Murdoch have an agreement to back Brown so he’s obviously offered to payback – we don’t know how but we suspect it might be to do with the Euro. They will fight like mad to keep Brown in the No 1 slot if they can. That’s what’s happening now.

I am not in agreement with Conservatives who would like to see Brown as PM. He would sell the country down the river. An alternative outsider – even a left wing one – would be far safer as regards preserving what little is left of our independence. Brown is clearly a danger to Britain as he is getting such powerful support from Murdoch.

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