The Environment Needs Political Leadership

“Drivers of two-litre cars would see road tax soar from £190 to £1,500. The figures are simply insane, given the tax burden the average Brit is already buckling under. But the Lib-Dem conference is poised to approve them this week. This rabble only indulge in such wild fantasies safe in the knowledge they’ll never have to act them out.”THE SUN

Speed bumps, cameras, excessive fines, penalty score driving bans, petrol taxes, VAT, parking costs, traffic wardens, parking fines, congestion charges, road charges to come and now fines for owning a car at all.

If public transport was in good shape and universally available it would be one thing. But with a 70p London bus fare of three years ago now set to become £2, the message is clear. Labour and Lib Dems want people to stay at home, to do nothing and live on state assistance. Until individual enterprise is crushed, they won’t be happy.

Will Cameron remember his words in Built To Last?
‘To encourage enterprise in all its forms – #1 of Our Aims’.

Transport has to be affordable for society to function at all.
The answer to the environment is not to destroy the economy, but to accelerate the new energy technologies like hydrogen, fuel cell, bio and other renewables.

Why are politicians so unwilling to talk about these? A little encouragement goes a long way to the many small enterprises and the scientists working in them who are driving down the cost of the new technologies. It’s always been the same. The ‘big’ guys hate it when the little guys become important.

Let’s hope Cameron has more sense, and the modesty to encourage the new technologies to struggle through to the moment they explode the old ones, making the inventors household names. You only have to remember the story about Frank Whittle and the jet engine which he invented in 1929, to see how important enlightened leadership can be. It took til the end of the war before it was produced due to the lack of interest from government and its agencies. If it had been got ready in time, the war might have been over in 1940 saving millions of lives.

There are Frank Whittles out there now working to bring the new technologies to fruition, but are they getting any support? Britain throughout history often invents the breakthrough technologies. Let’s hope Cameron brings the breakthrough in political leadership that is so badly needed.

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  1. Newsquoter says:

    James Clark, Professor of Green Chemistry at the University of York, says we need to extend incentives for using renewables to the chemical manufacturing sector:
    Extend incentives for using renewables to the chemical manufacturing sector

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