Employers Don’t Strike. They Disappear.

The government should be “encouraging more demand from industry for R&D. This new way of going about things makes sense…In the EU, support for such an approach to tackling sluggish growth in innovation is gaining ground. ” – Natasha Gilbert in The Guardian

Left wing people are never happier than when they are finding fault with, bribing or bullying business leaders. If people want new businesses and industries to be built, government should reduce interference and the ‘social chapter’ programmes, not come up with yet more interference.

No one in their right mind wants to build a business these days. Once people’ve got enough money, they just want to get out – for similar reasons that no teachers want to become head teachers any more. If you’re the responsibility taker in Britain today, you’re assumed to be a criminal by government. Your job is dealing with endless legal problems, people who’ve been given ways to make money by accusing you or your organisation, and so on.

Running the business or teaching the kids is unlikely to ever get a look in during the day.

The more government decides to encourage R&D in business, the less R&D there will be. The more government leaves people alone, the more R&D there will be. That’s the only formula government needs to learn.

Get out of peoples’ lives. Let them run their own businesses without constant interference and burial in documentation, regulation, prosecution, legal liabilities, visits by government officials, threats, penalties, idiotic political programmes and so on. All we don’t need is a new initiative – a bloody R&D man who comes round threatening some kind of penalty if a company’s R&D spend doesn’t reach a certain % of turnover etc.

We have 5 million inactive adults of working age in Britain. Unemployment is rising when the world economy is booming. Employers are seeing the light. Close down. Sell up. Anything but having to deal with the insanity of government officials and endless lawyers who have nothing else to do except make businessmen’s lives a constant hell.

People will build businesses if you’ll let them. But we’re signed up to the EU now.

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