Conservativehomers Should Spare Cameron

The problem is that Cameron moves in mysterious ways. He has to be a non-Tory to be popular and win elections. We live in a country where 90% admit they have no interest in politics. The people who write on places like Conservative Home are the .1% – those who are interested, and also willing to act.

They are right to state what they believe and what motivates them, but not very bright about seeing the world from the averge person’s viewpoint. They have to accept that Cameron is targeting that audience and not Conservative activists.

In fact Cameron is sound on all key issues that get activists worked up. He’s not playing the Rupert Murdoch game which would make it an easier ride. He has his own mind.

Rather than trying to hole the good ship Cameron below the waterlne, activists who feel offended by him should look beyond the current PR, and ask for example how he can easily work with IDS, Redwood, Fox and others if he is a raging europhile in the mould of a Blair.

He has to beat Blair at the PR game, which he’s done beautifully, which has collapsed the Lib Dem vote and forced out Kennedy. He is now collapsing labour, and especially Gordon Brown who, compared to DC
looks and sounds like a creature out of a dinosaur movie, dying a slow painful and humiliating death.

Cameron has outspun Blair and Kennedy and is now putting the skids on Brown but he is no Blair himself.

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2 Responses to “Conservativehomers Should Spare Cameron”

  1. Praguetory says:

    I think you are very accurate in this analysis. The Tory party is a place for debate, but we need to be captains of the ship to start steering Britannia in the right direction (please forgive the painful analogy), so winning the next election is what is of paramount importance. I was one who was urging greater attacks from DC around May. I was tactically wrong.
    Turns out that Labour are more likely to destroy themselves than we are. We don’t need to lay siege.

  2. tapestry says:

    I hope my analysis is correct, praguetory. the other problem could be electoral fraud. there is complete silence about that in the media. The dice are heavily loaded against Conservatives as it is with boundaries and media bias, but postal vote malpractice and other scams are to me a big worry.

    If Brown gets the labour ledaership, he could well trade PR with the Lib Dems.

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