Conservative Home Bloggers Don’t Trust Cameron

Arthur wrote on Conservative Home: If Murdoch wants us to stay in the EU, he has a funny way of showing it…

The Sun can write as many eurosceptic pieces as it likes. The crucial part is which governments it puts in and keeps in power. In fact, to get away with the kind of power leverage I describe, the paper would have to run a cover-up of the real game it’s playing, for it to work.

John Major was eurocompliant – forcing through maastricht. He benefited greatly from Murdoch’s backing. By chance and coincidence under Major Murdoch acquired the rights to 100% of satellite TV and the Premier league.

Maggie started off being well in with Murdoch, signing into all the Treaties. Murdoch had the Times and the Sunday Times handed to him although strictly only The Times came into the rules because it was losing money. But the ST was lumped in with it. Once Maggie realised that she was not in favour of further European Treaties, she was assassinated without Murdoch coming to her aid, and possibly assisting in the gradual destruction of her character.

Blair read the tealeaves, and signed up to the Murdoch/EU game 100% having previously been an arch-eurosceptic. Murdoch’s kept his privileges under Blair, and has gained more – including the recent addition of Test Cricket which most people can now no longer watch as a result.

IDS stood against the EU. Murdoch’s editors lead the campaign to assassinate IDS, and he was disposed of, despite his relatively successful gains in the polls.

Gordon Brown is now inheriting the Murdoch/EU Crown. That’s 5 cases in a row over 25 years that conform to my theory, Arthur. Not final proof, but persuasive. The fact that Cameron is not approved by Murdoch is strong evidence that Cameron is not eurocompliant, despite his willingness to appear to be so for PR purposes.

Posted by: Tapestry | September 27, 2006 at 12:10

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