Charles Clarke 66-1

The discontent about the EPP within Conservative raks rumbles on. It was Hague that bollocksed up the EPP. Hague has shown himself incapable of taking on anything real in politics over and over. He’s a weak force with nil power-broking ability.

Cameron is not ready to take on the Ken Clarke diehard Eurocompliant wing yet. Hague had his chance to move things forwards a step and as usual blew it. This has exposed the split on Europe once more, but Cameron is not ready to deal with it – especially while Labour need all the exposure we can give them.

Hague needs to go and write that Biography of William Wilberforce. It will be an excellent read, and it will get him out of the way. Hague is not the right guy. Cameron needs someone who can sort shit.

Taking on Ken Clarke, Channel 4, Rupert Murdoch, who are all dug in to protect Britain’s armlock by the EU, will take Cameron time. Brown is Murdoch’s horse for the new Labour crown, followed by Johnson as his next alternative. But what if it went to a non-Murdoch head for once?

Cameron has not received the Murdoch badge of approval becasue he is refusing to do Murdoch deals, as did IDS. If labour also look toward a post-Murdoch era, with say Charles Clarke as the new leader, power would flood back to Parliament, and rule by the media – started by John Major and continued by Blair will be over.

Charles Clarke at 66-1 looks a very good bet to me. And I’m £30 lighter on the strength of it.

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