Cameron Prioritises The Irrational

English Nationalsim, Scottish Nationalism, Welsh Nationalism, German Nationalism, Japanese Nationalism, Chinese, Indian etc etc. It’s on the rise everywhere.

Globalisation has made the world wealthier, but the change it brings has made the world feel less secure. A trip abroad used to be interesting and exciting. Foreign goods exciting to buy. They still are.

The initial flow of travellers and goods was stimulating, but after the level of flow reached another level, people began to feel their identity threatened. The accelerating movement of goods and people has made everything seem transient and temporary.

Islamists react by trying to bomb planes. Scots want devolution and become rude about the English. The English become rude about foreigners generally. The Chinese threaten with naval expansion, and the Japanese want to reassert themselves in defence.

The pace of economic expansion is unlikely to pause. The sense of insecurity can only get worse.

Political and spiritual leadership must deal not with history and culture only on a strictly rational basis, as the Pope is attempting to do. Leaders must also address feelings of alienation, and irrational fears as David Cameron is doing in Scotland. The Poll Tax may have been launched there first because of Rates, but the narrative in current belief in Scotland is different to that. You cannot persuade people not to believe what they believe. You must address them as they are. Cameron seems to have the gift for that.

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