Cameron A Common Sense Warrior

After reading Cameron’s speech on terrorism on COnservative Home, here are some comments.

The case of Israel is instructive. If terrorists attack you and you are unable to prevent their attacks by liberal means, you are usually forced to proceed to using illiberal methods of making war to protect yourself.

Israel seems to have adopted a policy of inflicting pain on the whole of Lebanon as she is unable to pinpoint her attacks on Hezbollah, in the same way that she is punishing the whole of Gaza for the attacks being carried out by Hamas or other terror merchants from there.

It is a tragic fact that such tactics might work where reasonable more liberal efforts at war-making have not succeeded. It is not necessarily good policy to criticise Israel for using such methods.

For example, Labour are benefiting from support from Murdoch’s Press for either stating support for Israel or in Gordon Brown’s case for keeping quiet. David Cameron and William Hague are getting their ears clipped for speaking out.

Judicious silence might be better, unless Cameron and Hague have come up with an alternative strategy for Israel which will work better, of course.

War-making should not be based on sound-bites, I would agree with David Cameron. So it is not therefore advisable for Hague to use phrases like ‘disproportionate’ against Israel, which sounds horribly like soundbite material to me.

Other than this criticism, the above writing is getting closer to common sense than the Bush doctrine.

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