Brown/Prescott Use Police to Pressure Blairs

Gordon Brown is said to be willing to concede PR (Mirror last friday according to Comstock). If he is, that would explain how he has achieved such broad media support including Murdoch coming to his rescue after the abortive coup attempt. The EU would be delighted with PR in Britain as the chance of a vote for withdrawal in Parliament would recede.

The other part of being willing to adopt PR will be that Labour will more easily sign up the LD’s, and the Conservatives will have to outperform them both.

Interesting that the threat of knocks on the door from the boys in blue is the latest tactic to move Blair on. First threatening Cherie with child abuse. and now Tony with illegal fund-raising.

Who rules Britain thes days? John Prescott in alliance with Murdoch and Gordon Brown? Yet Gordon’s popularity rating is diving every week – down from minus 22% to minus 33%. Prescott is loathed, and Murdoch despised. They call us a democracy!

Against such a corrupt cabal, Cameron will shine. We will win without the LD’s, no worries. I’m still worried about electoral fraud though. There is little to stop labour from fixing the next election as they did the last one.

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