Brown Moves By Stealth

A Populus poll for this morning’s Times, however, finds that most voters still think that New Labour has been a force for good.(Monday Clubber)

All part of the Murdoch campaign to rehabilitate Gordon Brown (and Labour) after his disasterous failed coup attempt. What’s been offered by Gordon Brown to secure Murdoch’s unstinting support, is not known. Unless Brown is going to finally honour Blair’s offer to move to PR.

The EU would see that as the end of Britain’s independent existence, and would instruct Murdoch to secure Brown’s leadership for that.

Gordon Brown’s popularity rating is now at minus 32 and falling. labour MP’s are starting to see the light. Gordon Brown as PM would spell the end for most of them, whther under FPTP or under PR.

Brown’s getting desperate to push Blair out before a more popular figure emerges – John Reid is one strong possibility. Every trick in the book is being used to try to lever Blair out early – Police investigations into cash for peerages, being the main current method. The danger is that Blair will be seen as a martyr again, if people cotton on to the idea that this is all part of Brown’s game (backed by Prescott).

Britain’s existence hangs in the balance on the Labour succession, while Gordon utters his usual false ‘we’re all Britsh’ rhetoric.

If he was able to tell us what his programme was, I’m sure he would, but Gordon’s only able to try to secure the Top Job by stealth – just like all his taxes. If people knew what he was really intending to do, he’d be pet food already.

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