Brand Cameron Knows No Allegiances

Cameron is not too bothered about the rights and wrongs of making ‘disproportionate’ comments, or of humiliating our eurosceptic MEP’s. It’s all about brand positioning.

Taking Israel, the truth might well be that when an enemy fires missiles into your country using a civilian poulation as a shield, you have little choice but to attack your enemy where he is. This attack might be highly effective in persuading Lebanon to alter its management of Hizbullah. Likewise in Gaza, the descent into chaos is bringing about internal change inside Gaza and might lead to the Palestinians seeking a settlement.

But the truths and the realities are not important. Cameron is seeking to be elected to power. The media game he is playing is as deadly as any military calculation. Brand Cameron is set on victory at all costs.

Truth and traditional allegiances are all expendable in his ruthless pursuit of power.

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