Bloggers Worry Journalists

Ros Taylor of The Guardian is jealous. Respectable media have no choice but to faithfully replicate politician’s lies and make it appear that they believe them. Bloggers don’t need to maintain any relationship with the government, in order to be included in the news feed. They are in the position to call a spade a spade.

For example the Guardian still has to make believe that Gordon Brown has leadership qualities as it is not yet respectable to admit that in fact Gordon’s an electoral and managerial liability of extraorinary proportions. Bloggers need observe no such restraint but can talk openly about Brown’s incompetence every day of the week. It’s like opening a window and letting the air into an old attic that smells musty and the wood’s rotted.

Ros will end up adjusting her style soon enough to match the blogosphere, or it will put her and her kind out of business. Newsnight are already trying desperately to sound ‘bloggy’. An unnatural friendliness coming out of Paxo? these journos are really feeling the heat!

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