Bloggers Call Time On Gordon Brown

From Iain Dale – ‘It has been a very strange morning so far. First of all I listened to a very uncomfortable Gordon Brown being interviewed on 5 Live. As I listened I kept thinking to myself: “This man is just not going to win”. Brown just doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin. He keeps inserting little personal anecdotes into interviews to try to make him appear ‘normal’ (whatever ‘normal’ is nowadays).

Today we learned that he listens to his iPod while running in the gym. Not an image to conjure up over breakfast. Brown only really hit his stride when talking about foreign affairs. It was instructive that he was plainly taken aback by a 5 Live poll which showed 89 per cent didn’t want him as PM.’

It’s time someone took Gordon Brown on one side and told him that the game’s up. Blair’s conned him for over a decade with an offer of the Labour leadership, which was never his to give. It was all just a way to keep Gordon from eating the carpet. But now reality’s near, it is quite obvious that Brown as leader is never going to happen.

It’s complete agony watching him unable to comprehend the reality that no one likes him, and no one wants him. The Blair/Brown theatre has been used as a news blanket for over ten years, and time has now elapsed for both of them. It would be kinder to tell Gordon now than prolong the agony further. If the Labour Party is too embarrassed to face reality, then the media should confront this. Of course it will be the blogs that take the lead again.

Blog away. Gordon’s history. The bloggers can see it. The rest will follow.

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