Blair’s Going. Really?

The Blair ‘I’m going speech’ was theatrical. He ain’t going yet, and yet somehow with the Tony Blair ability to flex perceptions of reality, everyone assumed the emotional state as if he had already gone. He fed his own gargantuan narcissistic requirements a healthy meal at the same time.

Cherie was acting like a junior member of staff who felt it good to have a rant before quitting the job. No matter how high she rises (I doubt she will ever get so high again) she will no doubt continue to behave like someone who doesn’t believe in her own self worth.

As if those two psychologically challenged individuals were not enough to cope with, there is the dreadful brooding skulking Gordon Brown. The only claim he has to the Labour leadership as and when it does finally come available, is the fact that Tony Blair lied to him. This is most odd. The substance of the lie was that Blair intended to hand over the leadership to him. As it’s not even in Blair’s power to do that, both parties to this Granita discussion were negotiating about an unreality.

The lack of a requirement for any connection to reality is the hallmark of the Blair era. Wars can be started and fought without spending money or showing any wounded soldiers on TV. Pensions can be promised to people as long as they keep quiet and don’t spoil elections, Money in fact has been no object. Government spending has risen from £800 million a day in 1997 to £1.5 billion a day now. And there is no end to the amounts that Gordon Brown thinks he can spend in future.

Another unreality has been elections. Labour made it so easy for political parties to harvest postal votes that it is happening now by the million. In 2005 General Election, there were over 4 million postal votes. Many individuals arrived at the polling stations to be told that their vote had already been cast postally by someone else. This happened to John Humphreys and Mariela Frostrup of the BBC, but they were soon encouraged not to speak about it. The International organisation that monitored the election said that the law should be changed and an election like it should never be allowed to happen again. But in the Blair’s Britain where nothing real ever happens, anything less than perfect is just pushed to one side and kept out of sight, and the situation is barely changed.

The law has been changed to make it a criminal offence to attempt to vote fraudulantly. That is all. This will not prevent parties from harvesting fraudulent votes. Under rules of criminal justice, any allegations cannot be discussed publicly so it is a most convenient way of silencing what is going on, and ensuring fraudulent voting issues are kept out of the Press.

Another unreality is immigration. In 2001 it was put about by labour that anyone even mentioning immigration was racist or immoral. Silence was achieved on this too. The numbers entering the country by agreement with the EU have been so high that the Home Office has lost control of the situation. Maybe 500,000 people a year are entering Britain, and yet it has hardly been mentioned, and no one seems to have any idea what to do about it. So to avoid any possible dents to the Prime Minister’s image, the subject is brushed under the carpet.

The same goes for our whole relationship with the EU. Throughout the Blair years, Britain has been transformed from a country with its own legal system, counties, traditions and laws into a province of the European Union. With EU regions established, counties emasculated, and Westminster a rubber stamping service, Brussels is in control of our law making, legal system and economy, apart from the currency. We may have escaped the Euro, but that is about the only thing. As we are split up into regions, and levered inside an EU Constitution, the currency will no doubt be gone too in time.

That’s the ultimate unreality. A complete country has been eliminated by stealth under Blair, Brown and Prescott and yet no one has said anything about it.

Blair’s going. Or is he? Brown’s determined that he’s not going anywhere. If he has the backing of Brussels, who are in league with Rupert Murdoch, then how could any democratic process be strong enough to stop him? Prescott too is going nowhere despite his brazen attitudes to women and money.

Brown is known for stealth taxes. But Prescott has been the real stealth merchant, breaking up Britain into regions, fixing elections and lining his own pockets and those of his supporters, as they use unstoppable powers to monopolise industries and bring them inside the corruption system. If Blair has been the great illusionist, then Prescott and Brown are the stealthiest and greatest kleptocrats.

Take away the Blair illusion, and the ghastly reality of what the Blair years have actually done to Britain are revealed. So far the public have only begun to be aware of the awfulness of the power machine that has been created. They see in Gordon Brown a persona with no charm, greedy for power and ready to take yet more of their money from them. Prescott is still in hiding, but with Blair gone he too will surely be flushed out.

What else will the British people notice once the Blair world of unreality can no longer be maintained? maybe their debts? their problems with alcohol? or their place in the world? Or maybe if the good times still roll, another illusionist will emerge. It won’t be Gordon Brown. That’s for sure.

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