BBC Calls Europe A Nation

Gavin Hewitt said on the BBC News At ten that ‘Europe will be a nation of 27’ once Bulgaria and Romania join the EU.

Tossers. The BBC should be dismantled brick by brick. They are so up their own arses, they’re a bloody joke. Nations tend to be able to speak to each other as a rule. We are part of the English speaking nation, not part of an adjacent land mass where over 100 separate languages and dialects are spoken.

If there is a referendum and British people vote to be part of a European nation, then i would accept it. Until that day comes, the BBC needs blowing to smithereens for its bloody arrogance in bypassing our democratic rights to be consulted as to the status of our nationhood.

The BBC once was the voice of freedom. Now it’s the voice of treachery, treason and totalitarianism. What’s happened in the 60 years since the 2nd world war for this mess to be possible?

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