Ask Brown One Simple Question

“Will you rule membership of the single currency for at least the next 10 years?”

He was on the verge of pushing the currency in 2003. He’s friendly with Merkel. He has the backing of Murdoch. What has he promised to secure these two powerful backers?

He said in 2003, that the currency would not come to Britain for at least four years. The referendum would not be necessary once the Constitution is resurrected, as the EU could impose it on BRitain without a referendum under its terms. (Bill Cash)

The headlines from 2003 below might give pauise for thought. Where does Brown stand? Could someone just ask him on camera, or are the media part of the game and unwilling to ask such a direct question?

Brown to launch plan for euro to track pound

Kamal Ahmed, political editor
Sunday June 8, 2003
The Observer
A national changeover plan to dump sterling and prepare Britain for joining the single currency will be published tomorrow, laying out the practical steps the country needs to take before a referendum on the euro.
In a clear signal that the Government is moving close to a ‘when’ rather than an ‘if’ stance on joining the single currency, Chancellor Gordon Brown will say the country must be ready for a launch of the euro referendum
Michael Hume
Sunday May 11, 2003
It is almost upon us. Within the next fortnight Gordon Brown is expected to make the most important announcement of the Labour government’s second term – the assessment of the five economic tests for euro entry. Although the prime minister has stated that nobody other than he or his chancellor is privy to the assessment, there is no doubt what its bottom line will be. The Treasury will state that the five tests have not been passed. Britain will not be part of the euro for at least a further four years.

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2 Responses to “Ask Brown One Simple Question”

  1. John East says:

    I heard a political pundit yesterday say that there was some speculation that Brown would do just what you asked for, rule out entry into the Euro for ten years.
    Sorry I have no link, and I can’t remember who said this. Let’s hope that I wasn’t dreaming.

  2. tapestry says:

    I’m coming to the thought that Brown’s finished anyway.

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