2 More British Soldiers on Murder Charge

Atticus in Sunday Times calls CH ‘the Conservatives’ website’. I thought a denial of official status was going to be placed on the header.

I hope the Nimrod was not another small arms through the fuel tank job like the Hercules. The government has made the RAF subcontract out most maintenance work. Here’s the likely result of that brilliant bit of cost saving.

As for the Hercules, still nothing has been done to fit them with foam, my sources tell me. They all could have been done by now in the year since the shooting down in Iraq. The Hercules that blew up in Afghanistan was probably a punctured fuel tank as well. James Arbuthnott is Chairman of the Defence Select Committee. Why are Conservative Shadow Ministers not roasting his bollocks for such gross irresponsibility?

Not in the news yet is a report that two British soldiers in Afghanistan are up on a charge of murder. There are only 700 soldiers doing the fighting. They’re facing daily stresses that would leave anyone totally frazzled. Now they have to think about lawyers as well as fighting the Taliban.

In Iraq quite a few British soldiers were charged with murder. When they got to court all the charges were dropped. The cases took three years to get heard. What a sick way to treat soldiers who are put through extreme danger.

Our troops need support from Conservative spokesmen. Where are they hiding? they can’t all be riding on superfast trains in japan.

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