What’s Gordon Up To?

A new Europewide opinion poll shows that 42 per cent of Britons regard their country’s membership of the EU to be “a good thing”, compared with only 25 per cent six years ago.

The poll has sent a frisson of excitement through Brussels, but Eurosceptics claim the results were “a flash in the pan” and simply reflected the fact that big issues such as the euro and EU constitution had dropped out of the headlines.

Britain has not exactly fallen in love with Europe: only the citizens of Finland, Latvia and Austria are less likely to think that their country’s membership of the union is a good thing.

But the Eurobarometer poll shows a clear upward trend in British public approval of the EU, up 12 points in just two years – raising interesting questions for politicians in all parties in London.

Gordon Brown, the British chancellor of the exchequer, has recently started softening his tone towards Europe in anticipation of his expected elevation to prime minister next year.

Noted for his hostile approach to the EU in recent years, Mr Brown has recently presented himself as fully engaged in a business-friendly Europe, while portraying his rival, Conservative leader David Cameron, as “isolated”.

(www.johnpage.org.uk – a ukip site)

Murdoch’s singing Gordon’s praises. Has he promised to get us into the Euro if he gets to be PM? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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