Suchorzewski Could Bolster UKIP

UKIP has got stuck. Farage will not release it, nor will Campbell Bannerman.

The one to watch is Richard Suchorzewski.

REPORT from hustings – ‘RS gave his presentation first. He stated that the Party had not moved forward since its peak in 2004 and was in danger of becoming a ‘one man Party’. He called for training at all levels to improve the professionalism of all its activities. Mr Suchorzewski also called for all regions to be represented on the NEC.’

He’s got the right formula.

The BNP will offer UKIP a fight at the next Euro elections. If UKIP don’t get themselves unstuck, and into a professional state, the BNP will wipe the floor with them.

With Hague committing Euro hari kiri over the EPP, the game’s wide open.

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