Schools Must Seize Control

Get rid of all national standards, especially the national curriculum. Do this by allowing schools to opt out and set their own tests and exams. Permit universities, colleges etc to set their own entrance exams.

If a school underperforms this should be handled at local level, not by a national authority.

Julia Manning’s on the right track. Just follow the logic all the way. It will rebuild respect for teachers and schools, and end their diminution into being forced to act as petty bureaucrats delivering the government’s education programme.

Don’t delay national tests until children are older. Abolish them and all others. End the control of education by central government. It’s been a total catastrophy from start to finish. It’s time someone said the truth – the emperor has no clothes. Gve education back to schools. Send bureaucrats packing and out of the way – all of them, permanently.

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