Multiracial Murder Is OK

Quote from Independent:

Davidson said the suspects were also believed to have knifed white boys, and he just couldn’t see that that wasn’t relevant.

There is a witchhunt going on in the enquiry into the Police handling of the Lawrence case – not to find killers or prove or disprove any facts. The heat still being generated about the Lawrence murder pivots around just one aspect. Was the killing racist or not racist?

The Police say it wasn’t – as the alleged killers had also previously knifed white men.

The ‘racist industry’ say it was, as the alleged killers called Lawrence ‘nigger’.

How does anyone know what is in the heart of a killer?

The racism industry has a problem.

Being killed used to be thought of as sufficiently bad enough, but if the person killing you didn’t hate you because of your race, your murder is really not so bad after all. That’s the inevitable implication. What a muddle!

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