The Little Guy Creates The Jobs

Margot, it’s not always so easy. There are many situation where it is essential to move people out of a job quickly as they pose a substantial threat to an organisation’s survival.

After firing a thief who sued us and won in excess of £10,000 for wrongful dismissal, where I had to sit through being lied against – and where there was clearly falsification of records – and where the case lasted two years – I would say that is why I no longer run my business myself (it’s affected my nerves and my health has been affected), and why I spend time (like writing here) trying to get the dreadful situation we are in changed.

At one time I was ambitious to create hundreds of jobs, but now I am happy for my business to just coast along and gradually reduce employment numbers in the UK.

If entrepreneurs no longer find it worthwhile to take risks to expand their businesses, the whole of society suffers. Our unemployment is rising towards European levels, and I predict that it will ultimately get there.

It is in small business that jobs are created. Small business cannot afford large HR departments, or the time to waste on non-productive activities such as endless bureaucracy. The supply of new jobs is starting to dry up as a result.

An employer is a human being who wishes to carry responibility for others, on terms that are acceptable and that make sense. There will be less and less of such people as things stand.

I did not know about Switzerland. It is very hopeful.

Maybe one day we can get back to a world where we are protected from thieves and liars and society won’t reward them with money, attention and endless opportunities to exact revenge on those who bring an end to their little games.

Big organisations create few jobs. They are usually looking to downsize their workforces. It’s the little guy who creates the future. Spare a thought for him …as he/she will pack up before long.

Statistics on creation of jobs are explained by Professor David Storey of Warwick University. I’ll see if he has anything online.

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