Let The BNP Speak

Here is a flavour of how the BNP might approach the terror situation (from their website)

‘The British National Party Executive’s solution to this problem is to ban immediately, ALL MUSLIMS from flying out of (and in to) Britain until the security situation has been fully resolved.

During recent international football competitions, a similar ban on English football hooligans was carried out, when many football fans had their passports confiscated and travel restricted.’

If the BNP’s policies were allowed onto the airwaves and not propagated by activists who can righly claim they are being repressed, the Conservative leadership could provide a reasoned alternative to the BNP.

As it is, the BNP give the only ‘strong’ version of how to deal with terrorism, and many people are drawn to the apparent strength of their position, as they hear no reasoned opposition to it.

The current libertarian elite control the media so tightly that politicians don’t dare challenge the current orthodoxy, and people don’t hear all the alternative suggestions on offer.

The result of suppressing debate is to create the sectarianism that Political Correctness is intended to prevent. It is instructive that before we suffered from home grown terrorism, we abandoned Freedom of Speech. People become angry when they think they are being manipulated, and it is that anger which turns people to extremism.

It would have been better to allow Enoch Powell to speak and influence immigration policy in the 1970’s. At least something would have been done to position the cultural problem we now have. As it is, debate has been suppressed, and all sensible attempts to manage immigration abandoned. It would be better now to allow Powellite voices to speak on the media, not because they are right, but because they would act as a catalyst, and show people where the middle ground on immigration is (after seeing the more extreme, it gives perspective). People can recognise an extreme view for what it is. With extreme views silenced, quite moderate and sensible views on immigration are painted as being extreme.

Without an open debate, people are easily persuaded that there is a conspiracy to defraud them. By repressing the BNP, the government are fuelling their fire. Let them speak openly. The resulting debate would be productive, and the BNP would lose a lot of their appeal by losing their ‘martyr’ status. The BNP would also have to normalise, and move more to the centre. Outside any debate they can propagate whatever they like, and make extreme ideas like banning all Muslims from flights appear to be reasonable.

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  1. John East says:

    It is quite surprising to me that some people have lost their jobs, and I daresay many more will do so in the coming years, for belonging to a legal political party, the BNP. Even more surprising that no one in the general public or the three main parties seems to care.

    I don’t think banning all Muslim travel is a solution at this time, although should a few more 9/11’s occur things could certainly turn in this direction.

    Open door immigration may, or may not have been wrong, but we’ve done it now. There’s no turning the clock back. You can’t return to how things were, which I think the BNP would like to do.

    We need more creative solutions.

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