Labour Spin Kills

My Dad aged 87 went into hospital recently . If I hadn’t been there at mealtimes he wouldn’t have been able to eat as he cannot feed himself, and the nurses were too busy. No one told us to be there to help at mealtimes.

Thankfully I was there to help at the critical moment. He was starving. The problem is old people rarely complain, and also the NHS does not like admitting to anything that might be used as criticism, so they don’t, for example inform you they cannot feed patients, and ask for help from families, which they should do.

Why don’t they just admit the problem? Families can then arrange a feeding rota.

I am sure they are given firm instructions from the Labour spin machine not to say anything about all kinds of things like this. If we know the service has gaps (and it does) we can work around it. But we are told nothing as that would expose the big Labour NHS lie that it is a comprehensive medical service. The NHS cannot cope, does not cope and will not cope. It is criminal that it pretends that it can.

Why don’t they tell us which medical conditions are given ‘low priority’ for example, and we can find alternatives, before we get really ill. I guess potential NHS whistleblowers have their salaries and pensions to consider.

Personally I go to a doctor in Belgium. For £25 (40 euros) a visit I get a quick diagnosis and an efficent programme for treatment. My GP in the UK always says there is nothing wrong, whatever the complaint. Likewise all NHS tests report no problem found, while Belgian ones always find answers. I also use a dentist overseas and use an American hospital near London. If I hadn’t sought help from these sources, I would have been seriously ill by now and also a lot poorer.

The cost of dentistry in a country I visit is one quarter of UK prices and with cheap flights, you get the dental treatment and a two week holiday for the same price it would cost for just the dentistry at home.

I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. The Belgian doctor immediately gave me intravenous magnesium, and the stressed condition of my heart was eased. The GP in the UK had told me my blood was completely OK. Even if he had found the cause of my heart’s disfunctional state, lack of magnesium in the blood, he would not have been permitted to give me the necessary treatment. For some reason, GP’s cannot give intravenous magnesium in the UK.

As a result I am told that we have a far higher death rate from heart disease than we should. Many thousands of lives could be saved very cheaply if GP’s were permitted to give meagnesium intravenously to heart patients. Vets always give this to farm animals in distress, but humans for some reason, are seen as expendable.

What we need is the information from the NHS as to what they can and cannot do. Under Labour we are not likely to get it. They are too busy maintaining the lie of NHS competence. I was lucky, and I found a good doctor overseas. Many others are not so lucky, and are dying decades younger than they need from easily treatable conditions.

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