Imagine There’s No Heaven

‘Ask many Muslims in the area who they would vote for, if they voted, and they say Respect.

“Muslims are getting it everywhere and if you want to know why these things happen then you’ve got to ask yourselves questions about why Britain is fighting in Muslim lands,” said one young well-mannered man.

“Nobody is speaking out about these things. Our parents are too scared to speak out – they think they’ll all get arrested and thrown out the country. We’re British, this is my country – it raised and fed me – so it’s time we spoke out. “‘

(From ‘Terror Fears In Walthamstow’ – – 13th August)

So speak out. Let’s hear it and see if it makes any sense.

Britain is fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq because we were being attacked by a terrorist organisation resident in Afghanistan, backed by the Afghans’ Taliban rulers at the time. We are in Iraq because Saddam Hussein was also considered to be a significant threat.

Iran is claiming that they will attack Western civilisation and they too are acquiring dangerous weapons. It seems odd that some British Moslems don’t understand that we have to defend ourselves against aggression.

The justifications offered for terrorism by young Moslems don’t make much sense to me. Any more than the BNP’s proposed countermeasures. But please speak openly BNP, and those Moslems who sympathise with terrorist acts. Your public words are preferable to your secret actions. All the hype will have to come down to earth one day. Maybe by talking to each other, people will come to see that we’re all just human beings.

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