Hague Can F*** Off

Hague could still undo the part of the damage over the EPP.

All he has to do is to remove the threat of deselection from Roger Helmer and any others who lose the Party Whip, and we are again a democratic party.

Helmer spoke up against Barroso’s corruption in the Euro Parliament to fulfil his manifesto commitment, and he lost the Whip as a result. Hague has shown himself dictatorial with a total lack of principle by threatening Roger Helmer with deselection.

It should not be Hague’s decision. Voters choose MEP’s. If they want Helmer in the Euro Parliament speaking up about corruption, he should be doing it, and Hague should f*** off. If Hague does not undo his threats and his betrayal of principle, he is the one who should be deselected. How can we have any respect for the deception he and Cameron practised?

They continually reassured all EPP-exit doubters that they were committed to the policy, and the timescale was always given – no if’s and no but’s. It is not just a breach of a promise. It is a breach of trust and principle. I will never trust Hague again, and as far as I am concerned I am sick of the Conservative Party being compromised by his weakness.

Hague says he enjoys writing books. Well go and write some f…ing books, and stop pretending you are some kind of leader.

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