Eurofascism Rules OK

Recently the National European Forum (never heard of it? – Chairman is appointed) met and set up a working group to look at the process for the selection of candidates for the next elections to the European Parliament. These elections will be conducted on the discredited Regional List system which should be scrapped but which at the moment we can do nothing about. Already the sitting MEPs are lobbying for the selection process to be changed so that at a meeting of Regional Officers, Area Officers and Constituency Chairmen, if the sitting MEPs get more than 50% of the vote they go through on to the list without having to go to the hustings as happened last time. In their view this would put them on a par with Westminster MPs who only have to get a 50% vote of their Executive to be reselected. (Conseravtive Democracy)

On top of the deselection threat of MEP’s that lose the Party Whip, which Hague announced when he betrayed the EPP promise, the above report from Conservative Democracy must spell the end of the selection of pro-independence MEP’s like Hannan, Helmer, Heaton-Harris. No wonder Hannan and Heaton-Harris are thinking of quitting the EU Parliament. They will be bludgeoned into silence, so what’s the point?

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