End Of Hand Luggage

Reported in today’s Daily Telegraph are the difficulties of not being allowed to carry toothpaste onto a plane. Or bring laptops.

In fact, the bringing of hand luggage onto planes is pretty stupid anyway these days. It’s bad for backs to be loaded up with laptops, drink and heavy bags full of shopping.

It’s time to allow technology to move us forwards. You don’t need a laptop anyway. You only need to bring your data saved on a flash stick or CD. Aircraft should provide PC’s which can use all standard software programmes, access the internet and so on.

All passengers could buy toothpaste, nail varnish, drinks etc on board or on arrival. This might even help to bring flying back into profitability.

Cheap watches and temporary mobile phones or cameras could be bought or hired after people fly – or be packed and be carried in the hold. Business in the Departure Hall would plummet, but surge in Arrivals as people equip themselves while they wait for their bags to reach the carousel, which is normally wasted time. The SIM card and the flash stick are the only essential items to fly with, neither having any batteries.

It’s only a case of getting peoples’ minds round the problem. Getting rid of hand luggage would speed up airports and get rid of millions of back problems. And make the job of the terrorist a lot harder. It would be much better on all counts.

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