Draft ‘Fair Trade British Milk’ Campaign

FAIR TRADE BRITISH MILK (draft campaign)
The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers says the cost of producing a litre of milk is 20.2p. Producers get 16p.

Farmers suffer. They can’t invest. The kids leave. Divorce and suicide are rife.

Supermarkets at one time earned 5% on milk. Today they make 30%.

They are crushing the small guy – the farmer. Milk Processors too have doubled their take. The price to the farmer has halved.

Who is responsible?

There is no market regulator. The dairy farmer is hung out to dry.

Aren’t there subsidies? No.
There are quotas which prevent farmers increasing output.

Milk products are coming from abroad. No checks can be made on environment effects, animal welfare and organic methods – if hormones are used – important for health.


It should be illegal for anyone to buy milk below the cost of production.

Supermarkets should pay a proper price which ensures there is Fair Trade for Farmers, for the Animals, for the Environment, and for You.

This is all over 8p on a litre of milk – which in supermarkets can sell for half the price of bottled water. It’s crazy. Something has to be done.


Nothing will happen…unless you help. We must fight the EU Directive which prevents fair market regulation. …………………………
write to …………….
Your support is vital.

If you want to hand out these leaflets and posters in your local area, please send us £5 to cover the costs and we will forward you the campaign pack. Donations welcome.

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