Conservatives Face Electoral Meltdown

Cameron delegated the EPP decision to Hague. Hague flunked it. Cameron must override Hague’s EPP mess, or Conservatives in the Euro Parliament will become a dying breed.

There are only 8 or so eurosceptic MEP’s willing to speak out against EU corruption. Hague has now threatened these with deselection if they speak openly as Roger Helmer did. Two are already looking for Westminster seats and leaving. Helmer is unlikely to be there beyond the next Euro MEP elections, if the deslection threat is carried out.

How will any eurosceptic MEP wish to follow in the footsteps of Hannan, Helmer and Heaton Harris, and be betrayed and silenced by hague in similar fashion?

If the whole Euro Parlaiment Conservative delelegation becomes hardline europhile, few Conservatives will want to vote for them.

The next EU elections could become a Conservative bloodbath, unless Cameron takes hold of this situation.

The BNP are targeting these elections, and UKIP, currently a spent force with little fight being shown by their leadership, might come back to life.

Hague’s EPP mess will not go away. Cameron must show the strength of a leader and sort this out, or it will come back to haunt him over and over again. There has been a wrong calculation made as to how to play this. Hague is responsible. He must resign – or be sacked.

Helmer must not be silenced by threats of deselection. If nothing else we now see what a farce the Euro Parliament is.

This EPP fiasco demonstrates beyond any doubt that Conservatives must campaign to leave the EU. There is no democracy. Freedom of Speech is not tolerated. Centralisation of power is total.

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