Cameron Modesty To Replace Labour’s Arrogance

Cameron projects niceness up to a point, which is attracting female voters.

What is hopeful is that he also projects modesty. It is Labour’s wall to wall arrogance that has ensured that our health system, educational standards, criminal justice system are all approaching collapse. It’s the need to be significant which is the downfall of Blair and Brown. They always see themselves as totally relevant, and have a need to be at the forefront of every initiative, breathing all the oxygen, leaving little for anyone else.

Cameron appears to be willing to be less significant. This will release the country from the prison of New labour arrogance, and enable people’s intelligence and imagination to be deployed to rebuild what’s left of our society. Localism will require Prime Ministerial modesty.

Peregrine Worsthorne is right of course about being prepared to get nasty where necessary. But it’s not necessary to give demonstrations of such qualities just yet. In fact public opinion is swinging ‘nicely’ our way, it appears.


If The Times are saying that they did not realise that Labour and the Lib Dems ran an electoral pact in the 2001 GE (until now), they lack credibility. The second Labour landslide would not have occurred without it. Hague did better than people think as he was facing two enemies working together without the public knowing. It probably changed the result of 50 seats. It certainly enabled Labour to hold the one I was working in at the time – Shrewsbury & Atcham – which they otherwise would have lost.

The Times along with all the media have lied about this ever since, claiming we were held back by our eurosceptic ‘right wing’ policies. Is it any surprise no one trusts the media any more, and people prefer to read blogs like CH to newspapers?

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