Cameron Finds His Target

Last time David Cameron proposed a repeal of the Human Rights Act and its replacement with a British Bill of Rights, the media took up the story and ran with it.

The Sun blazoned it over page after page. This time, silence. Nothing. Zilch.

Instead, Prescott’s smokescreen has received top billing. The man who has demonstrated better than anyone the rewards for loyalty and unity, is eminently qualified to give Cameron a dressing down. But he mentioned not one word about Cameron’s actual policy proposals.

It’s as if last time Cameron attacked the HRA, the media thought that by attacking him in return, he would turn round with his tail between his legs and find something else to talk about.

But no. Here he is again saying that Preachers of Hate cannot be deported because of the Human Rights Act. The debate last time established that we cannot withdraw from Human Rights laws unless we also withdraw from the EU, but now there is silence across all titles and broadcast media on these aspects of the terror threat.

Cameron will have no choice but to repeat his policy statement, until they show that they are listening and that they understand.

Treat them like an out of control classroom of badly behaved children, Dave.

The combination of media silence and Prescott affronted shows that you’re hitting a very raw nerve indeed. Keep smacking it.

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