Who Cares If Blair is Arrested?

Bloggers might get excited about seeing Blair do the perp walk – or seeing him in cuffs. But is Blair in any control of events?

Lance Price wrote in the Guardian that when he was Alastair Campbell’s No 2, all decisions had to be OK with Brown, Prescott and Murdoch and no one else mattered a toss.

It seems that Prescott’s position has strengthened since then, and he can now rob the Bank of England, rape the wives and children of his colleagues and no one dares touch him. He’s been placed in effective charge of all domestic business in Britain for up to 9 years. Somehow none of us noticed, because he has not used the media to build his position. In fact he’s been happy to act out the role of buffoon hoping he didn’t get noticed.

Because Prescott’s taken on the task of eliminating the power of Parliament and establishing the regional government of Britain, he is the effective head of the EU shadow government of Britain. He’s not the Deputy Prime Minister. He’s the replacement Prime Minister.

Brown’s run the Treasury for the same period, and has played his position by building alliances in the media to challenge Blair. The media have played the Brown/Blair theatre for all these years, but although the relationship has been exactly as described, its true relevance is that it has covered up the significance of Prescott. Brown sees himself as the next Prime Minister, but the next PM of what?

Blair tried to sell Britain out to the EU, but he got nowhere. He failed with the Euro. He couldn’t even block demands for the referendum on the Constitution. He did slide through the Nice Treaty on the quiet in 2001, but that’s a long time ago. The EU had high hopes for Blair, but now he’s parked with a DNR notice round his neck, while they find a suitable replacement.

Blair might still be PM but he is an irrelevance. It is not the death of this Labour government that is being played out, but the death of Westminster. The Enabling Acts such as the Regulatory Reform Act are called the Death of Parliament Acts, and that is what they are.

Blair could walk out or be slung in jail tomorrow and it won’t make a blind bit of difference. Prescott is successfully dismembering Britain. He’s become more powerful than Blair or Brown. And Levy’s all part of the game. The more Westminster can be portrayed as a corrupt irrelevance, the easier it will be to destroy it.

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