Rupert Ramps Up Pressure on Dave

Murdoch’s clearly negotiating for a policy commitment from Cameron.

Cameron might have flunked the EPP, and shit on Roger Helmer, but he still doesn’t attend EU bonding sessions, which is displeasing the hardline europhiles.

They hold the whip hand over Murdoch, so he’s doing their bleating for them. Let the bastard bleat, I say, and ensure Cameron gets the credit for not crawling to Murdoch as Blair, Brown, Major etc etc. have done.

Localism might be a bit complicated for Murdoch to understand. How can he control that, he’s probably thinking. Social Justice? how does that build corporate revenues?

If Cameron stands up to Murdoch, that really will be Clause 4. Go for it, Dave. Get the Digger bleating. Britain’ll love it.

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