Prescott’s Indispensible – It’s Official

Here is Labour’s list of Prezza’s jobs. Two Jags, two jabs, two shags (at least) and 20 jobs. Superman is indispensible as we suspected.

Prescott’s list of jobs provided by Labour Government –

Oversight and co-ordination of Government policy across the full range of domestic policy areas, including:

Chairmanship of nine Cabinet Committees:

Domestic Affairs
Public Health
Housing and Planning
Post Office Network
Ageing Policy
Local and Regional Government
Local Government Strategy and Performance
Animal Rights Activists

Active role as the Prime Minister’s Deputy on seven Cabinet Committees

Anti-Social Behaviour
Asylum and Migration
Energy and the Environment
National Health Service reform
Public Service Reform
Schools Policy
Serious Organised Crime and Drugs

The DPM has also been asked by the Prime Minister to:
Work on improving the effectiveness of policy development across Government

Chair the China Task Force
Work with the Foreign Secretary, the Secretary of State for the Environment and other departments across Government on promoting the Government’s post-Kyoto agenda

If Prezza left, Britain would collapse. He’s holding the place up singlehanded.

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