Prescott Won’t Be Resigning

Those who think a little bit of sleaze and corruption will bother John Prescott, Tony Blair and others should contemplate this extract from

Prescott enjoys huge power based on patronage, but above all on his programme to replace our traditional government with the EU’s regions. He’s untouchable. Blair has no choice but to support him.

This is a clear sign that we no longer live in a democracy. The media can be baying for the removal of an openly corrupt and sleazy politican, and yet he can carry on regardless. If nothing else convinces people that we are no longer an independent country, then the Prescott affair might open their eyes.

‘EU corruption is now exploding through our Civil Service, our local government, and our 7,000 quangos.
A shadow EU government lives inside our bureaucracy, headquartered in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM.) It includes many parts of government including the RDA and the Regional Assemblies. Common Purpose, an EU organisation, the UK branch also headquartered in the ODPM, has members across many government organisations including some city and county councils, the Land Registry, the police and the NHS, which it is destroying from within.

Common Purpose is the glue that enables fraud to be committed across these government departments, most of it lining the pockets of politicians and bureaucrats. It often involves the sale of public assets such as land to friends of politicians or their businesses. (The RDA -The EU Regional Development Agency, is a major player in this type of fraud.) And the handing out of plum government non jobs with big salaries and expenses to members of Common Purpose, all of it involving the theft of our money as taxpayers. The Chief Executive Officer of Common Purpose is Julia Middleton of the ODPM.’

It’s odd how the media are handling Prescott. His political role is hardly mentioned….only his personal foibles, corruption, sexual behaviour and so on. Surely the blogosphere could do a bit more to expose his role as the DPM for the last 9 years. Are Prescott’s friends having a feeding frenzy from the break-up of Britain as claimed by eutruth?

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  1. John East says:

    I’ve always assumed Prescott lives on because he is a thick skinned thug who cannot be shamed into resigning, but I must admit to considering theories to explain the fact that he hasn’t been pushed yet. The conventional notions are rather mundane, including Blair needs him as his Mr. Fixit, His departure would spark off a Blairite/Brownite battle, and he knows where all of the skeletons are.

    I think I like your ideas a little better.

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