The Pentagon Puppet Has Lessons for Cameron


The Independent finds it hard to withhold its admiration of Blair (yet again)….

I suppose Blair is acting in his own self interest by becoming Bush’s poodle. The Indie is doing the same, becoming Blair’s poodle.

It’s only business I suppose. Did the Americans insist that Jack Straw and Robin Cook were fired? Is Blair now a Pentagon puppet? (


I wonder if it’s the EPP decision has that hurt Cameron’s rating. The only hard promise came to nought.

It looked weak. If Cameron wants to emulate Blair, he should recall that, as above, Blair is ruthlessly selfish and cares not a jot for the Labour Party, Britain, the EU and probably George Bush either. He goes for what pays the best rate for the job.

His popularity endured because he was seen to be resolute, which he was. People can now see that he’s only out for No 1, but for a long time, people gave him the benefit of the doubt, and they admired his strength (as the Independent still does – $$$$).

Cameron is looking good and appealing to many new voters, but he’s not looking strong. Backing down on the EPP especially has made him look weak. Either he cares about principles – in which case he should have backed Roger Helmer – or he doesn’t. In which case he’s going to allow Hague to fudge everything Hague-style.

Cameron’s missing ingredient is strength. Blair had the Clause 4 moment and showed the strength of a leader. Cameron had his EPP decision, and showed himself weak. Being right is not expected of a leader all the time. Being strong is.

A bit of action might be required.

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