New Homes for Conservative MEP’s?

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This suggests that the negotiations between the myriad of eurosceptic minor parties is about to bring a new amalgamated force into the political arena, the BDIP.

Iain Dale sounds sceptical. I believe something like this may be happening as it makes sense. There is a need for some rationalisation, but I doubt the leaders of the various organisation would give up their positions.

UKIP need the BNP’s electoral appeal, and the BNP needs UKIP’s and the DUP’s respectability. I wonder how the negotiations would be handled with the small cabal that runs UKIP. That would be the only stumbling block.

I would not be surprised to see big name Conservative MEP defections after Hague has threatened Helmer and Hannan with deselection if they speak openly about EU corruption. That would give the new baby substantial momentum. The BDIP would need to ensure it had the same appeal to Labour supporters as the BNP has had. The first few steps will be crucial.

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