Murdoch Controls Blair’s EU Policies

Murdoch had most of British satellite TV handed to him by Blair, combined with exclusive TV rights to the Premier League. More recently the TV rights to Test Cricket have been added. If Tony’s happy with Rupert’s support, Rupert gets payback – lots of it. It is clear that Blair is knee deep in supplying favours to Rupert Murdoch, including, it now appears allowing him to dictate policy.

In July 1st’s Guardian, Lance Price wrote, ‘In my first few weeks as Alastair Campbell’s deputy, I was told by somebody who would know that we had assured Mr Murdoch we wouldn’t change policy on Europe without talking to him first.’

There is only one person in a position to take his TV/media privileges away from Murdoch. That is the EU Competition Commissioner. If Murdoch were to fall foul of the EU, they could use their power to reduce him. This threat ensures that Murdoch uses the power he exercises over British politicians, to satisfy EU demands.

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