Murdoch Claims UKIP’s Glory

The original Independent article which broke the story about Murdoch offering Blair a place on the News Corp Board is interesting.

I don’t believe the description given of Murdoch pressuring on behalf of his eurosceptic political beliefs. That’s the PR version.

In fact, Murdoch has to keep on the right side of the EU – especially its Competition Commissioner, and he will, as a a rule be pressuring Blair to favour the EU, not to block it.

The Referendum on the Constitution originated in UKIP. It proved so popular that Michael Howard matched it, and that levered Blair’s hand. If UKIP hadn’t started off the process, Michael Howard wouldn’t have matched it, and neither would Blair.

Murdoch’s claiming the credit as a cover-up for his true relationship with the EU, one of trying to negotiate more business privileges which breach competition policy. He could hardly run around admitting what’s really going on.

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