Hague Twists The Knife

Hague’s position is totally unacceptable. He’s informing the MEP’s that if they quit the EPP and carry out Cameron’s policy, they will be deselected and not able to stand again at the next election.

So there you have it. Hague is lining up behind the bully boys to crush Roger Helmer’s brave stand against EU corruption. And he’s trying to muzzle many others.

He parades as a conservative, as a democrat, as a charming chap, as a believer in the rule of law, and a fairminded individual who would not tolerate corruption. He seems to be the kind who would face down a bully or a thief and fight for justice.

In truth he is none of those things. He is giving succour to the corrupt. He is helping the voices of freedom and democracy to be crushed. He is a fraudster as great as any other our nation has known.

The MEP’s affected cannot allow this unbelievably insipid individual to stand in freedom’s way. They must put their careers on the line. If Hague says there must be casualties, and that means Roger Helmer at the very least, they must all come out in sympathy with his courageous position. Hague’s looking for a risk-free easy life for himself. He hasn’t given a thought to the position of others.

If we allow the bullies to win now, Conservatives will not be able to stand proud and principled in Europe again. Hague is the ultimate front man – apparently reasonable charming well-spoken, but he’s a quisling. It is now that freedom requires people to fight. Not next week. Not in a month’s time. Not some time in the future. Hannan must put his neck on the line. Someone has to take a risk. Now is not the time for backing down.

The voice of freedom must never be silenced.

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