EPP decision spells EU finale for Conservatives

I guess Conservative morale must be at rock bottom right now. We’ve been strung along since the leadership battle on the promise that Cameron would out-Fox Fox on the EPP.

Now with Hague abandoning the eurosceptics in the Euro Parliament to their fate, we have been left with no choice but to believe totally in withdrawal from the EU.

If we cannot even be allowed to speak and state what our beliefs are, without incurring threats from our own leaders, then we are certainly finished as regards willingness to be part of the EU. If a Parliament cannot tolerate free speech, then it is not a Parliament at all.

If the EPP situation teaches Conservatives nothing else, then surely this is it – we have no choice but to exit the EU. The times to pretend that somehow we could make it all work are now surely over. We would be sacrificing a democratic tradition for a fraudulent one. That is simply too dangerous.

It’s interesting that Heaton Harris has already decided to quit the Euro Parliament. The rumours abound that Dan Hannan will soon be doing the same.

If we can come to this conclusion from our grass roots up, then we can become the extra-EU party of local democracy and enterprise that Cameron wishes to build. This will not come from our leaders, however.

They dare not take on the power of Rupert Murdoch. He has to please the EU Competition Commissioner or lose his TV sports monopolies, and stopping Cameron from openly demanding an end to EU membership is No 1 on the EU’s shopping list. Unfortunately Cameron needs Murdoch as do all British political leaders. It’s our Achilles heel.

Once we define ourselves correctly, we will make a better job of presenting that to the electorate. We need a Conservative grass roots campaign which lets the leadership know that we will not tolerate EU serfdom. To achieve that, all they need is our silence. Our silence is all we must not give.

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