Compassionate Conservatism Mission Statement

The phrasing in use to communicate Compassionate Conservatism in the Built To Last campaign are – trusting people, sharing responsibility, championing freedom, supporting institutions and culture.

These phrases do not sound dynamic when you first hear them (I thought) and after reading Compassionate Conservatism I feel could be improved upon. Below is my attempt to do that.

The text changes regularly – hopefully gradually improving. Any suggestions welcome.

‘The State aspires to carry citizens from the cradle to the grave. This it fails to do.

CC looks beyond centralisation towards empowerment of individuals and local enterprise’

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2 Responses to “Compassionate Conservatism Mission Statement”

  1. John East says:

    Is it possible to roll back state bureaucracy?
    The growth of the state and the dependants of the state appears to me to be a run away process like nuclear fision. The deeper people get their snouts in the trough, either as producers or consumers of the state’s output the more they vote for those promising them a bigger trough.
    Perhaps this time we will be lucky and pull off a reversal, but I can’t think how.

  2. tapestry says:

    Yes john. Not an easy task as you say, And many people suffer as a result. That’s the Compassion bit I guess. If we care, we must try to reverse the porcess.

    CC to my mind explains what is perceived as Cameron’s unwillingness to promise to please his supporters. He intends to reduce the role of government, to promise less and do less.

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