Cameron Must Do The Dirty on Hague

Yes Serf. That’s sensible. But with Hague overseeing the whole thing, we’re stuffed. How will any potential MEP want to go through anything like the appalling deception that Hague has put up for months pretending to be even-handed in dealing with EU matters, only to come out threatening deselection to anyone who dares to speak openly about EU corruption.

Unless Hague goes, we’re finished in the Euro Parliament. Cameron’s flunked the EPP decision, which is stupid of him, but Hague has twisted the knife into Conservative backs. He will not be trusted again.

If we want an electoral future in which we actually believe, Hague’s gone.

He’s wasted too many of our years already. Here he is doing it all over again.
For killing off the spirit of Conservative democracy in the Euro Parliament, Hague must swing. If Hague goes, then many would give Cameron another chance. Especially if he brought in Fox. If Roger Helmer, the only Conservative brave enough to challenge the corruption visible in the EU Commission, is being thrown to the wolves, something is very wrong within the Cameron regime.

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2 Responses to “Cameron Must Do The Dirty on Hague”

  1. Why are people so surprised? William Hague has never said anything that sounded sincere in his life and he flunked his chance to be Prime Minister largely because of that. He campaigned to win the 2001 General Election by ignoring all the issues that mattered to real people and in stead toured the country waving a pound coin around (which was normally borrowed from an aide at the beginning of each show and then put in his pocket at the end). His slogan about being in Europe but not run by Europe was an insult to the intelligence of four-year-old, and that he has stabbed Cameron in the back over the Europäische Volkspartei was only to be expected.

  2. John Coles says:

    BUT it is Cameron who deliberately brought back Hague – and Clarke and Heseltine and Gummer. He is so bereft of political convictions that he brings back the liberal-left old guard to fill the vacuum.
    ‘By their fruits shall ye know them’ – and the fruits Cameron has welcomed back show what a disaster the man is.

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