Suspicions about Prodi

I stumbled across two pieces of information recently both centred on Romano Prodi, ex-President of the European Commission, and now Prime Minister of Italy.

The first concerned the murder of Aldo Moro the former PM of Italy. He was kidnapped by the Red Brigades, who tried to negotiate for his release. However no one offered to talk to them from the Italian government, and after many weeks he was murdered. The person who contacted the Police saying he knew where Moro’s body was located was none other than Romano Prodi, then an academic. He claimed to have received the information as to the whereabouts of Moro’s body in a seance.

The second piece of news about Prodi was revealed to the European Parliament by Gerard Batten MEP for UKIP. One of his constituents is an ex-member of the FSB, the organisation that replaced the KGB responsible for internal and external security and espionage for Russia. When he began to seek asylum in the West, he was advised by the Head of the FSB that Italy had many KGB agents amongst its politicians. He was told that their main agent there was none other than Romano Prodi.

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  1. Polcham says:

    This would be stronger if you had references to the sources of the information. I would link to this entry were the souces referenced.

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