Better Off Out (BOO) is The Freedom Association (TFA)’s excellent campaign to quit the EU, whose Chairman ex-Conservative MP Christopher Gill declared support for UKIP this year.

He’s recently signed up Austen Mitchell the Labour MP into BOO.

TFA claim to be about to declare more Conservative and Labour MP’s.

However progress with Cornerstone members might be a bit trickier than they think. Many are Front Bench and hesitate to confront David Cameron’s statement that BOOTS (Better Off Out Tories) will not be seen on the Front Bench.

Gill’s declaration for UKIP has annoyed Cornerstoners and hardly helped the BOOT cause.

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  1. FranceSucks says:

    Why leave? Just pick and choose what you want. A la carte membership. Join Schengen and keep the tariff free stuff and junk the euro and the constitution. The EU should be a trading zone not a political entity.

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