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‘Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research!’  Ian. R. Crane

Behind all these attempts to drive people down, or out, there has to be someone or some entity at work.   As I wrote in the first edition of this book, at Plas Yolyn we were for years affected by a demonic presence, until we dealt with it helped by the team of Christian exorcists led by Steve and Andrea Martin.  Similarly the evils that pervade the world from war to uncured diseases to catastrophes like the fires in Australia,  (caused because winter burn-off of forest floor fuel was no longer being carried out by the government, with a view to cause massive fires to clear lines for new rail and other development), are coming from people who have become powerful by communicating with demonic entities. This they have done, and are still doing through rituals.  You can research this on channels like www.enigmatv.com.

Once the demonic forces are brought into our dimension, and they are in the ascendant, they always wish to destroy us, and take the earth from us.  Only we can stop them, but first we need to be aware they are at work and here amongst us. Then we must work to bring in the forces of goodness to oppose them.  This we must do at an individual level, as structured organisations like religions are penetrated and controlled.

The Christian religion was mostly a construct of Roman power and designed for the purpose of taming the Gentiles. To understand more about how this was done, and the main storyline was doctored to disguise the real history, the books of Ralph Ellis are instructive. And yet, despite the doctoring of the history, the name ‘Jesus’ is powerful in the spirit world, as we saw when the demon at Plas Yolyn was moved out.

Is this because the name Jesus Christ has been used for so long in the spiritual sphere by human beings asking only for goodness, that the name works to upset demonic entities and drive them back?  Or is there more to it?

We know from the Dead Sea Scrolls that Jesus and his followers, the Essenes (they were not Christians as Christianity was not established by the Romans until later), were using mind-expanding substances and rituals to communicate with the godhead extra dimensionally. They knew how to tap into the power of the forces of goodness in these ways, just as the demonically minded use horrific rituals and sex magic to tap into the powers of evil.

The Satanists not only bring in the evil through rituals that gives them the power they have built, but they also make sure that those bringing in the good through ritual are stopped wherever they can do so, as they know how powerful this is in countering their efforts to take power over all. They buried Jesus’ real story inside the biblical account of his life, and blocked his knowledge about communicating with the spirit world from becoming known. Was the reason the Romans wanted his real story buried forever because he had opened up a strong connection extra-dimensionally which was more powerful than the evil of their own shockingly cruel demonic rituals?

Jesus lost his war with Rome, which took place in AD67 to AD70. Josephus Flavius, who was secretly working for Rome, betrayed him. After defeating and imprisoning him, the Romans used Jesus’ (Izas) name and moved his life story backwards in time to the biblical period, hiding the historical record. They superimposed the biblical story on Mithraism a religion popular in Rome and created Christianity out of the two. Yet despite losing the war, and failing to conquer Rome, and despite the new religion fabricated by Josephus Flavius, Jesus remains a powerful figure in the spiritworld.

The Church Of England does not approve of exorcism being carried out by its members, or anyone communicating extra-dimensionally. That leaves the field open for those bringing in the evil, as they intend. Yet individual Christians are able to work extra-dimensionally if they move away from the church hierarchy, and some do so.  Christian people are individually more likely to become activist than non-believers.  There is much good to find, but more is needed, as our real enemy is being hidden from view.

Around the world, there are original peoples in existence using rituals and drugs to expand their minds and communicate extra dimensionally, having no superimposed imperial religion.  Yet in places like Syria the Yazidis are being persecuted and destroyed for this reason.  Everywhere spiritually aware and capable peoples are invariably driven to the edge of society by the governments that run the countries where they live, and their knowledge is either lost or is in danger of being lost. This is entirely deliberate and the white people, or those who hold power, around them,  are all under matrix control, and are taught to be prejudiced and look down on them and not to get too close or learn from them.  In Africa, Australia, and America the original inhabitants before the white races arrived had deep spiritual knowledge. A few still remain and some of their capabilities have not yet died out.

The fact is that whether they be accessed through a Christian medium, by an aboriginal ritual, or through your own homemade methods, the same spiritual forces are available and are still there, willing and able to help us.  This is the power the Satanists fear.  Everything else on earth, they have already laced into their pockets.

The realisation that the spirit world is real and is here, needs rejuvenating. Materialism takes over the young. Things need to be brought back into balance, not just with nature, but with the spirit world too. There are millions of trapped souls and demonic presences, all being left as they are, untouched and unaided, sometimes for centuries. People are told these things are paranormal. No they are not. The trapped souls are you and me after we die, and they need help from the living, just as surely as we, in many cases, need help from them or the  good spirits in the inter-dimensional realm.

In the Philippines the people still have connection to original spiritual knowledge as well as Christian beliefs, which the Spanish brought in during their three hundred year occupation. The realisation that when you die you still exist is prevalent there. Animal visitation is thought of as normal. It makes a far more powerful spiritual cocktail than the bland version of religion that’s permitted in Britain, where the spirit world is almost totally lost, and awareness is almost zero.  In the Philippines emotion is full-on, while prayer is universally practised and believed in. Within the Philippines there are still original tribes, which have yet to be overrun, and which have more original spiritual knowledge. I am interested in seeing more of what they do in future visits.

Call the forces of goodness whatever you like, but make no mistake.  They are available to you if you ask them in.  We need them, given the attack we are under.  Prayer can be extraordinarily effective, especially if you are in an enhanced emotional state. Many of the original rituals are designed to create enhanced emotional trance-like states, before the spiritual communication takes place.

During the fracking campaign I found myself praying to save our land, our people, our homes and our business, often calling on my late father to come to help us.  Once I did this, coincidences started to happen, and the situation, which had seemed hopeless, began to roll our way. Others were also praying.

My family is growing up fast, and their enthusiasms and dreams for the future are increasingly evident.  The business is growing once more after a few years spent adapting to the internet, with electronic communication replacing the older methods of doing business.  We should be looking to a bright future.

But on all sides the Satanic world is fully operational. Freedoms are being removed, austerity is the norm as bankers turn the screw, and corporations and government are making the possibilities of living in contentment much harder, if not impossible.  That’s not to mention endless wars, environmental assaults like HAARP, fracking, 5G, weather ignorance and media control of peoples’ hearts and minds.

We need to be aware of what is going on, of the demonic forces that are controlling the world against us, and we should be working out all the ways we can to fight back.  I have added a number of links and suggestions in the back section of the book to assist anyone wanting to do their own research.  I hope we can do more than we are currently doing to stand together and not be separated by petty jealousies, or held in ignorance of so many topics by the media and the education system.  We have to work as individuals or small groups, not in formal structures. The Satanic entities are expert at penetrating hierarchies such as churches, political parties, the legal system, schools, police and corporations, perverting their original aims.

On the positive side, there are very many wonderful people and we have much support from the spirit world around us, which is entirely real and the good part of it is greatly needed.  With so much access to information in today’s world compared to that of the past, there really is no excuse.  It needs courage to rethink your world but I would urge you to try, if you have not yet started to question the control matrix placed around us.  Turn off the television.  Stop believing the news.   Find a way to participate. Obstruct those who would enslave you, and stop cooperating and kowtowing.

Seek out your own sources and find the things that make sense to you. As Ian R Crane always says, ‘Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research!’  The risk of not doing so is too great, and the future for our children and grandchildren will be simply too awful if we do nothing.  The possibilities of a good outcome are also great. Engage with the risk. Be sure that right is on your side.  Make the right outcome happen. It’s only we who can.

Spirit World was left out of The Spirit Of Business – My Extraordinary Life, and might appear in a future work, or writing based on it.

The Spirit Of Business – My Extraordinary Life is available in printed form from Curteis Ltd/ www.curteis.com and as an e-book on Kindle (From cows to chains current title).

Henry Curteis.   January 2020.

The Babylon Working Ritual

How the corrupted communed with entities and brought down evil on humanity, bringing entities into our realm.  The entities are demons, not aliens but inter-dimensional beings.  Scientists brought in advanced technologies via the demons – rocket science, and more.  The story of Jack Parsons.   Scientology/Ron Hubbard was allegedly involved as a colleague.  FBI suppressed the effects of the inter-dimensional beings.  Document 6751 in the FBI has been declassified.  They knew they weren’t dealing with space aliens.

Since the 1940s Satanism has taken off worldwide, with more and more people trying to tap into the power of the demons coming in through the portal Parsons opened up.   Claiming that aliens are the basis of the newly acquired knowledge is a deception.  The elites have learned that entities can be summoned, and knowledge acquired.  The elite families are involved, the Du Ponts e.g.  Child trafficking.  Child sacrifice is all a part of this story.

Movie to be watched – Higher Entities made by Justen Faull.  He shows how the entities work with governments.  Blood rituals took place inside government facilities.  Project Montauk was the government trying to get technologies.  Christians are now looked at as monsters, as the enemies of the demons.  The name Jesus has great power against these entities, and they ban the use of the word even as a cuss word.

With so much mainstream media coverage of the Alien/UFO scenario, the declassifying of hundreds of FBI documents along with the releasing of top secret government information-The Faull Bros. have answered the call once again, investigating secret government programs involving Aliens, Advanced Technology, and Sinister Conspiracy.

The adventure includes up-close and personal discussions on location with a former FBI Special Agent, a Department of Defense Consultant, Best Selling Authors and Seasoned Research Professionals, all unveiling pieces of this grand puzzle. When did the “Government Alien Programs” originate and why? Was there really a counterpoint group that was warning of the dangers from such programs? What exactly did these black projects involve? Higher Entities: The Lost Tapes is a live-action documentary film, delivering intimate testimonies of disclosure which puts you on location and in the conversation.

TAP – those that use rituals to connect with the godhead or the forces of goodness are suppressed.  Those who commune with the evil are protected, and pull in the greed and desire to overpower all other humans.

The Babylon working ritual.

This from www.henrymakow.com

“Hexed” — Hexagram Holds Humanity Hostage

January 19, 2020


The Evil Symbol that Rules the World
The Hexagram has gained mastery over the human world.  Practitioners might appear to be upright Jews, Catholics or Masons, but they are impostors who infiltrate and subvert.
Behind the evil in this world is a symbol.  Understand this symbol and the cabal who use it and you can identify the evildoers and their diabolical plot.  This cabal hides inside legitimate religions and groups, such as Judaism, the Jesuits and the Masons, using them as shields for their evil deeds.  What they all have in common is their practice of the Hexagram and its dark arts.
The Hexagram is a symbol used by witchcraft and sorcery for thousands of years to conjure spirits.  The symbol can be found in many places; India, Egypt, Peru, China, Europe, etc.  Numerologists believe the Hexagram represents the evil number 6-6-6 and practitioners believe it can bind and control supernatural creatures.
To put a “hex” on someone is to put a curse on them.  The word Hex is itself derived from the number 6 in Greek; in middle German, a “Hexe” is a witch.  In China, the year of the snake is the 6th year in their calendar and the I Ching consists of 64 Hexagrams.
Worshipers of the Hexagram use it for evil – they believe that by performing rituals and human sacrifices, it gains more power.  Who are these worshipers?  Many hide within the Jewish faith, within the Masons and Catholicism, and of course more openly with witches, pagans and others.   Events like wars and persecutions are ritual human sacrifices performed to accrue more power to this symbol.


(left. Righteous symbols corrupted by Hexagram)
The original symbol of Judaism was the Menorah, which represented the relationship with God and the imparting of Judaic Law to man through the burning bush.   Today, Kabbalah and Zionism have replaced the original, true symbol of Judaism with the Hexagram.  Many Jews are unaware of the true meaning of this symbol.
According to Dr. O.J. Graham (The Six-Pointed Star, 1999), “The first mention of the star was in Amos 5:26 regarding the trek from Egypt to Canaan. Then in 922 B.C., when Solomon married the daughter of Pharoah and went into magic and witchcraft and built an altar to Ashtoroth and Moloch. The book traces the six pointed star from Egypt to Solomon, to Arab Magic and Witchcraft, to Druid use (references are documented). The book traces the star through Freemasonry usage to Mayer Amschel Bauer, who, in the 17th century, changed his name to depict the red six-pointed star (or shield) which he had hung on his door in Germany, and thus began the family of “Red Shield” or Rothschild. The research carried on through this family, to their court of arms, to Cabala, to Astrology, to Hitler and his putting a yellow six-pointed star on all Jews during the holocaust, to the Zionist symbol, and finally to the flag of the State of Israel and beyond.”
It is difficult to tell the impostors from the true disciples of the way.  In history, authorities kicked out all the Jews from a country; it was near impossible to sort out those practicing witchcraft from the righteous.
The Hexagram is also used by the Masons who use the “Seal of Solomon” to do evil things.  The Masonic symbol is itself derived from the Hexagram.  This symbol is found on Masonic temples, and buildings constructed for the use of Masons which often have Hexagrams inside and out.


Relief from the Masonic Lodge of Edinburgh (Scotland) (source: flickr)
The symbol is also plainly visible on Catholic churches like Santa Croce in Florence, Italy and in the IX XI symbols used in Jesuit rings, where the void between the X’s signifies the Hexagram.
Zionism and Communism were both created by the practitioners of the Hexagram, using large scale ritual human sacrifice to impose their plot everywhere on Earth.  Where this symbol goes, death and destruction follow in the form of a burnt offering, a Holocaust.  Two World Wars, the Holocaust of the Jews, and 9/11 are a few of the examples of the ritual human sacrifices performed to impose Zionism.
Communism was imposed at a cost of 60m lives in Russia and 80m lives in China.  In Russia, 60% of those involved in the plot were Jews, while in China, 85-90% of the westerners helping Mao were Jews.
The Masons had a hand in this as well, with President Truman (a Mason) subduing Japan by ordering two atomic blasts (another burnt offering) and FDR (a Mason) providing material aid to Mao as well as the communists in Russia. These Holocausts continue to the present day with the persecution of Falun Gong in China that includes live forced organ harvesting – something unprecedented in history. Today, the Chinese communist party is still in control of 1.4 billion people.


This affair is 5,000 years in the making – a dark and evil witch’s tool for curses and occult powers has gained dominion over people, nations and civilizations.  It is used by a cabal of evildoers to impose the New World Order from Communism and Zionism.
The key to identifying the perpetrators is to see who uses the Hexagram;  the impostor Jews, impostor Catholics, secret societies and witches.  Many others were corrupted; they “sold their souls” to this group to gain money or power and they are now on the side of evil.  Those who are still good, but ignore the evil in their midst and still do nothing are “useful idiots”.  They share the guilt of the perpetrators.
It’s not too late to “get out” — you have been misled and poisoned by the evil.  Your first step is understanding what is being done in your name is evil.  You need to see that good people are being persecuted by this evil all over the world and you must decide where you stand.  Regardless of what others might tell you, or what you did in the past, you were made by the Creator and He alone grants you the power to choose your future.
For positive homemade rituals, follow this line of enquiry.
I am not sure that Henry Makow is right that our original creators give us the power to choose our future.  Jesus possibly found out a way to overturn the power of our original creators, who were not necessarily as good as Makow suggests they were, and communicate directly with the forces of goodness.  That could be why the Romans overwrote his work with Christianity, and tried to hide him in the historical record. His name is powerful when used against demons, and that is who or what is oppressing us.  I am sure there are others who know the truth and it’s out there to be found somewhere.  Meantime the Satanists are winning as the majority of people are entirely ignorant of the existence of a spirit world.  It is the key to the future of humanity and of every human.
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